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Law n ° 2016-925 of July 7, 2016 article 109

There is an obligation to call on professional tour guides for all visits to museums or historic monuments, regardless of the operator offering these services.

In public historic monuments, only tour guides holding a professional card are authorized to lead paid tours.

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Article L. 221-1 of the Tourism Code reads as follows:

“Art. L. 221-1.-For the conduct of guided tours in the museums of France and historical monuments, natural or legal persons carrying out, including on an ancillary basis, the operations mentioned in I of article L. 211-1 may only use the services of qualified persons holding a professional guide-lecturer card issued under conditions set by decree of the Council of State. The legal persons mentioned in III of article L. 211-18 are not subject to this obligation. “

(Carrying out this activity without holding a professional card or using the services of a person who does not hold a professional card is punishable by the fine provided for the third class. (article R221-1 and following of the tourism code)

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