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During your stay in Marseille, follow your guide-lecturer to meet the people of Marseille who perpetuate the ancestral traditions of the oldest french city.

New itineraries are to discover by participating in one of the five gastronomic, artisanal and artistic tours unique to Marseille.

Marseille Flavors of the World

Visite Gastronomique Marseille

Departing from the Major Cathedral, follow your guide through the historic Panier district in search of Marseille specialties. Panisse, Chichi, Navette, Pompe à Huile, and many more will soon have no secrets from you.

Your guide also opens the doors of the Maison du Pastis with a (very moderate) tasting of artisanal Pastis.

You end this itinerary at the colorful Noailles market where stalls with a thousand and one flavors of the Orient await you for a blind test of spices from around the world.

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The Great History of Marseille Soap

Visite Guidée Marseille, Découvrir Marseille

Used since Antiquity, Marseille soap finds its origin in Aleppo soap (Syria). Thanks to the Crusades, the method of making soap became more popular around the Mediterranean, and Marseille produced its own soap from the 12th century.

Follow your guide through the Old Port and La Canebière to learn where and how the raw materials needed for soap production were once delivered. Visit a traditional soap factory to learn about the history of Marseille soap and its manufacturing process.

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Discovering the Santons of Provence

Santons Provence

Historic capital of Santon, Marseille has managed to preserve this centuries-old tradition which began in the 13th century with Saint Francis of Assisi. If the origin of the santon is inspired by the nativity, the master santonniers of Marseille will then borrow their characters from everyday life from the beginning of the 19th century.

Follow your guide-lecturer through the streets of the city center and around the Old Port, meet the last master santonniers and visit the santon museum to discover the manufacturing techniques of yesterday and today.

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Marseille Street Art

Marseille Street Art

Urban Art flourished in Marseille from the beginning of the 70s. Artists often combine different techniques: stencil, spray can, painting, collage, poster … In the Cours Julien district, art has invaded the streets and the walls.

Follow your guide-lecturer for a fun stroll in the footsteps of Banksy, the Space Invader and Marseille artists who constantly renew their works. A fun and family journey to discover the creative soul of Marseille and better understand the artists who make Street Art.

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The Marseillais Art of Living

Découvrir Marseille

Become a Marseillais for a morning with your guide-lecturer. From Bouillabaisse to Pastis through the essential pétanque, discover the fundamentals of the Marseillais art of living. Your guide will also teach you the basics of the Marseille language, its singing accent and expressions that only Marseille people can understand.

By the way, do you know what a jambon (ham) is in Marseille language? A walk to meet the people of Marseille who also reveals their secret corners and their little stories about the enigmatic Marseille.

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