Arles & Camargue Cuisine


Benefiting at the same time from the products of the land, the river and the sea, Arles and Camargue cuisines are intimately attached to their land. Indeed, Arles and the Camargue form the richest agricultural territory in Provence and the variety of products has always allowed local gastronomy to evolve in isolation.

Follow your guide in the city center of Arles to meet the city’s food artisans and to discover and taste a wide variety of products and local specialties such as Gambetta (a plant syrup), fougasse (local bread), tomme d’Arles (local cheese), the Arles tart (dessert with apricots and strawberries), the agriade (beef stew), the broufade, the raïto (tomato sauce with capers and red wine), the tellines soup and the famous bull stew.

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